Wayne Mercier, TWPP Founder

Thunder Web Page Productions is a one-person operation, run by me, Wayne Mercier. I have been doing this on my own for quite some time.

In 1996 I began creating and hosting webpages for myself and for a few other small businesses. It was around this time when the World Wide Web was just starting to be used more and more by regular folks. This was about the same time that Yahoo launched a highly-successful IPO, and when Google was still just a glimmer in the eyes of two Stanford University computer science graduate students. Even then, I was an early adopter of new web technologies, and I had a knack to see the possibilities in them. I soon became the go-to webguy for my friends and acquaintances, many of whom became clients.

Over the years, I have used a variety of methods and tools to create web content. This process began with hand coding Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) text files, and then using off-line website building applications to create static webpages, and later moving on to various database driven online Content Management Systems (CMS). This path has led to my current specialty of WordPress website installations. I am entirely self-taught in the disciplines of web design, graphic design, and the technical details of website hosting and server management.

For more than thirty years, I have been primarily self-employed. During that time, I have developed and operated a number of small businesses including an earth friendly products retail shop, a tourist map business, and of course, Thunder Web Page Productions. In each of these instances I have worked in every aspect of the business and have worn many hats. I have also enjoyed a bit of work in the outdoor recreation field as a guide and as a sport equipment technician.

A native of Western Mass, I have lived in The Adirondack Park, Florida, Maui, and Kwajalein Atoll. I have also traveled to Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Hawaiian Islands, and Shemya AK. When I’m not creating or updating websites, I enjoy reading, watching old movies, hiking, back-country skiing, and candlepin bowling with friends.

I spent some time in the US Air Force as a Weather Specialist and I still almost always enjoy a good thunder storm.

Thanks for your interest in Thunder Web Page Productions!

– Wayne Mercier


Here are some screen captures of TWPP home pages over the years…

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