As an actor, I share many kinds of media on my website: sound files, videos (which come in different formats), photos, etc. Wayne has done a beautiful job of designing, maintaining, and updating my website. When I book something, he is ON IT. He knows me (and my “brand”) well, so I trust his suggestions. I highly recommend Wayne to other actor friends, whose website is a calling card in our business. He’s creative, reliable, honest, and a techno-wizard. My website is professional, attractive, and functions flawlessly — all because of Wayne.


Brenny Rabine – AEA Actor

Wayne has been very good at building and maintaining my web presence. Occasional updates and changes are always handled promptly. Wayne (Thunder Web Page Productions) has always had good suggestions and advice as well. All at a reasonable cost. I did shop around. I would highly recommend Thunder Web Page Productions for anyone looking to build a web site for their business.


— Robert C McKinnon, R.C. McKinnon Floors LLC

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