Website Conception and Design

TWPP can help you determine the focus and initial scope of your website, and then provide the web presence and online tools to help reach your goals.

We work with you to best determine a website design that is consistent with your your brand, logo, images, and other content.

Hosting, Maintenance, & Updates

Hosting: TWPP provides website hosting services exclusively for our clients. We contract hosting on a shared, stable, and secure LiteSpeed web server which offers fast solid-state drives, and runs the latest stable versions of all sever software. The sever has an impressive uptime history, and it is housed within a top tier datacenter for security and high bandwidth connectivity.

Backups: Server level offsite backups are made daily for all of our clients’ hosted domains. Additionally, TWPP makes automated weekly onsite backups of our clients’ WordPress installations. These combined backup methods provide the means to recover and restore website content if needed.

Security: TWPP takes website security seriously. All of our client’s websites are monitored by a robust and well proven WordPress security plugin that helps protect against hackers and malware. Additionally, we monitor all of our clients’ WordPress installations for any file changes which might indicate unauthorized website access.

WordPress Updates: The WordPress platform core and plugins are often updated by the software application authors to improve functionality or address potential security issues. TWPP makes updates to all of our clients’ WordPress core files and plugins on a regular and timely basis. This is critical to the correct and secure function of our client websites. These updates are provided at no additional charge as part of our hosting service.

Content Updates: As your website grows, we can update it with any content that you provide. Many of our clients choose this option. However, we can also set things up so you can make some or all of your updates on your own.

Domain Name Registration

TWPP provides domain name registration services exclusively for our clients through our preferred registrar. TWPP is happy to consult with you to help determine the best domain name for your needs (you are welcome to use any domain registrar you choose, which may be the case if you already have a registered domain).

Fixes for Websites That Need Help

If you have an existing website that you are just not happy with, or needs design help, or other fixing, we can work with you to get it right.

  • TWPP can often convert other website platforms (static or dynamic) into WordPress websites. 
  • TWPP can move your website from your current webhost to TWPP webhosting.
  • TWPP can evaluate your current WordPress website and offer suggestions to improve design, functionality, and security.
  • If you already have a WordPress website that is not hosted with TWPP,  we can provide these services:
    • Updates to the WordPress core.
    • Updates to currently supported WordPress plugins.
    • Installation of new plugins.
    • Deletion of unwanted or unsupported plugins.
    • Recommendations and installation of replacement plugins as needed.

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